Kal & Beau 

- Re-Homed

Lovely, affectionate, well mannered boys, with lots of love to give!


Colour :
Yellow and Black
Age :
10 (May 17)
Good with children? :
older children 
Sex :
Male (entire)
Good with cats? :
Reference :
1595 and 1596
Jacky 07736 791899 Barbara 01234 831854


The boys have been in the care of LRSE&C since 14th April 2017 and settled into their foster home with no problems at all and are the perfect guests.  They live with an 11 year old chocolate Labrador bitch and all 3 get along well.  Kal and Boulder are fit and active just 10 year old brothers who have adapted from living in kennels to living indoors.


A typical day for the boys is breakfast followed by wee’s in the garden and some post-breakfast cuddles and fuss, then a nap. Around an hour/hour and a half later they go for a walk to the fields where they love to run and sniff.  These two are very routine orientated and toilet twice each morning while in the fields!

During the day, they both snooze while I’m at work or doing stuff around the house. They will sleep on the same bed or one upstairs, one downstairs, depends on how they are feeling.  Both boys take an interest in anything I’m doing in the kitchen but they are not overly keen of the vacuum and will stay out of the way.

After their dinner which is usually late afternoon/early evening, Kal and Boulder usually nap for a while and then have another walk in the fields. Once home, they settle down, Boulder on the sofa and Kal on one of the dog beds.

The boys will go out for wee’s before bedtime and then settle downstairs on their dog bed together. They have access to 3 dog beds, a sofa and armchair but they choose to be on the same dog bed.

Both boys walk well on the lead although Kal does pull a little. When off lead, their recall is excellent and they come back when called.  They travel very well and hop into the boot of the car without any fuss.  They will wait to leave the car until told they can.

Kal and Boulder have been good with different dogs they have met and shown no attempts at dominance or any other unwanted behaviours.

Despite living in outdoor kennels before, the boys are clean indoors and will go to the door if they want to go out.


When they arrived, the boys were underweight and had poorly stomachs. They have got over their diarrhoea now and being fed 250g Autarky Adult/Lite each for each meal and are gradually gaining weight. For the first month they were also having additional protein with cooked chicken, raw eggs, full fat natural yogurt and grated cheese added to their kibble but they are now just on kibble. The boys do have treats, just plain gravy bone or Bonio type biscuits.


Both boys have now been fully vaccinated and since resolving their digestive problems, they are gaining weight at a nice, steady pace. Just a couple more kilo’s each will be enough as they are both leaner Labs. They are both entire but after having had a thorough check at the vets, they have no signs of health problems. Kal does need some dental work to tidy some decaying teeth but this was not deemed urgent.


Kalgoorlie is the goofy one, he’s very affectionate and loves to give out kisses. He’s a little bigger than Boulder and is also clumsy, walking into furniture or tripping up the stairs. This isn’t due to sight problems, just that he doesn’t seem to judge space very well! Kal likes to run ahead but always comes back when called. He loves his fuss and cuddles and will happily climb on you to get closer, even if that means climbing on top of his brother! Kal is the comedy dog of the pair.

Boulder is the quiet, sensitive one. He is very sweet and gentle and like his brother, can be taken anywhere. He likes to follow his foster carer around and is more stealthy than Kal. He just appears at your side, gently nudging to let you know he is there. Boulder just wants to be loved and having gentle hugs where he can lean into you is what makes him happy.

In summary, Kalgoorlie and Boulder are the most lovely, affectionate, well-mannered pair of Labradors. They have no faults and settled in so well, it would be very easy to keep them. However, they are so lovely they need a family of their own with more humans to give them affection. One human is not enough!

Wendy Palmer