Where do we start with our Yogi Bear? We have been told by many that he is a complicated dog with medical problems ranging from irritable bowel disease to skin/allergy issues, all which we are still trying to find the right treatment for. We fostered him a couple of weeks before Christmas 2012 after losing our old boy and never let him go. He entered our home with a bounce being only 7 and half months old and melted our hearts with his love of round the clock cuddles and a teddy bear in his mouth all day. When Yogi learnt to swim we were so proud and his love for water grew and grew to the point he never wanted to get out. Unfortunately he has been unable to go swimming for some time due to a leg infection that won’t heal but it’s the first treat for when it’s better. Life hasn’t been easy for him, he doesn’t have many days where he looks totally well and he is gradually losing his fur but he’s always there for us in fact we have renamed him our 24 hour bundle of fuss. We have been told his life expectancy may not be the same as others but we will make sure what time he has with us will be the best time ever.

Without the support from Labrador rescue south East and central to cover Yogis ever mounting vet bills, which includes lifelong medication and many tests I dread to think what life would be like for Yogi. But thanks to this amazing charity and wonderful helpers Yogi gets to live life as comfortable as he can. A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts
The picture shows Yogi wearing a lovely Jacket made by Barbara his area co-ordinator to keep him warm as he has a very thin coat due to his medication