Badger 1934 Poppy 1933 

- Re-Homed

Badger and Poppy are looking for a new home where they can stay together in the Kent Area


Colour :
Both Black
Age :
7yrs and 6 years
Good with children? :
Yes they have lived with children 3yrs upwards 
Sex :
Badger male, Poppy female
Good with cats? :
Reference :
1933/1934 Badger/Poppy
Steve or Margaret Waller (0208 310 6101)

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    These two delightful dogs are coming into rescue because of family circumstances which now mean they will need to be left on their own for too long. They are both active, fit dogs and they have lived together for most of their lives.

    Neither has been neutered so this would be something a new owner would have to have done as soon as the dogs have settled in. The charity offers a voucher that will cover most of the cost of this (depending of course on the vet’s fees). It is the policy of Labrador Rescue South East and Central that this is done in good time and the current owner is rightly concerned that these dogs are not used for breeding.

    Poppy is a show type dog but at 6 years old she is fit and active. She has been training as a search dog and is a year into this training. A new owner would need to be aware that she is a trainable dog and fill some of her time with activities that will develop and make use of her skills with the aim keeping her mind active.

    At 7 years Badger is a year older than Poppy but he is very active. He is a lighter working type dog. As he is entire he will need careful handling when out and around other dogs until his hormones calm down following castration. Badger can be strong on the lead when he first goes out.   Like Poppy a new home where he would be loved and where there was time to spend on continuing and reinforcing his training would be great.

    Both dogs are very family friendly and love people, treats and the outdoors.  They have not lived with cats.

    They are looking for a loving, experienced home where they will be kept as a pair.

    Preference will be given to homes in Kent.