Beau 8/1930 

- Re-Homed

Beau is looking for a rural/semi-rural home with some space.


Colour :
Age :
5 years
Good with children? :
Yes. Although he does not live with young children he is used to children 18 months old and upwards. 
Sex :
Good with cats? :
Reference :
1930 Beau
Steve or Margaret Waller

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    This is Beau. He is a 5 year old castrated male labradoodle. As you can see he is well named! He is a large dog possibly a bit taller than the average labrador dog. He weighs in at about 35Kg.

    Amended Details 19/2/2020

    He is looking for a new home as his owner has had some ill health and is downsizing to a much smaller property. Currently he enjoys access to a very large garden for his exercise and does not go out much.  He loves people and children and is fine with the cocker bitch he lives with.  He has not lived with a cat.

    A new owner would have to have the skill, experience, willingness and time to deal with socialising him.  We have taken him out in a park (on lead) with two of our dogs and he proved quite well behaved, showing an interest but no aggression at all.  He walked on a slack lead but he can naturally get excited when he sees other dogs playing ball.  He is quite well trained in the confines of his own territory but some training with distractions will probably be necessary.  Beau is perhaps, a little over keen to ‘meet and greet’ visitors. He sleeps with his present owner so some understanding on getting him used to new sleeping arrangements will probably be needed.

    A new owner would also have to be aware that to keep his coat in good condition he will need to be groomed/clipped and bathed regularly. Currently he goes to a groomer every 6 weeks. He will quite likely have the same affinity to mud, water and slime that labradors have, so keeping him neat and tidy will take effort.

    Ideally his new home would be in a rural or semi rural setting with a large, secure garden with owners who have fully understood all the above details of the dog and have the time and willingness to take him on. Although he has film-star looks we are very keen that he is not taken just on that basis. Beau is a real dog and will need structure, exercise and training in his new life.

    His companion Darcey has been rehomed.