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Looking for home in Surrey Sussex Hampshire Middx Part Berks


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2 and a half yrs
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1981 1982
Julie Hammond

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    These two handsome brothers are looking for a home where they can stay together. They are 2 and a half years old, castrated and chipped. They will need further training and we would prefer that they are the only pets in the household.

    If there are children in the home we would prefer that they are over 12 yrs. These are the must haves that a new home should have to offer:

    EXPERIENCE: These boys are a strongly bonded pair and as such, they prefer to listen to each other rather than their humans. They will bounce off each other, so if one is getting boisterous, the other will follow. If one is pulling on the lead, the other will to. We are looking for someone who has had experience in training a young dog and preferably has had experience of owning more than one dog at a time.

    TIME: To get the best out of these boys, we are looking for someone who has the time to commit to training each dog separately, a little bit each day. It may be that they will need walking separately until they are trained. They will need to have two walks each a day. They have no recall, so we are looking at lead walks only for a while. These boys have not been left alone for long periods of time, so someone needs to be around most of the day.

    STRENGTH: These are two very strong boys so a new home will need to be able to cope with the lead pulling and boisterous play

    SPACE: The pair will need a medium to large garden which has 6ft fencing all around. There must be no areas of the garden where a dog could escape. These boys are the Houdini twins!

    TRANSPORT: A suitable vehicle to carry two large labs safely

    LOVE, PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING: An absolute MUST. These boys will take time to settle down. We are looking for someone who understands this and isn’t likely to give up on them at the first hurdle.


    Preference will be given to homes applying in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Middx and parts of Berks.