Looking for a very experienced home, ideally in Norfolk Lincs area

Very experienced home required


Colour :
Age :
5 yrs old
Good with children? :
older children only 
Sex :
Male (not castrated)
Good with cats? :
Reference :
2036 & 2037
Contact Jane on 07962 980429 (before 7pm please)

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These 2 boys are looking for a new home as sadly their owner has died.  They are coming up to 6 years old and apart from a trip to the vets they haven’t seen any of the outside world.

As a result they were very lively and excitable when I visited.  We are looking for a very experienced home who has the time, patience and lots of open space to start from scratch in training these boys, it wont be for the faint hearted as they have had no training at all.

The larger of the pair is more dominant towards the other and can be food possessive, so they are fed separately.  They haven’t lived with children or cats so any children would need to be 12 plus.

Going forward they will need lots of stimulation, exercise and a very strong arm!  They have not been castrated yet.  I will be able to discuss castration with the successful applicant.

If you feel you have the experience, time and lots of patience to train these 2 and give them the life they deserve, please complete the register your interest form.

If you have any questions please call Jane on 07962 980429 (please call before 7pm)