Dog with complex issues looking for an experienced home


Colour :
Age :
3 yrs old
Good with children? :
no children due to issues 
Sex :
Male (castrated)
Good with cats? :
Reference :
Jane 07962 980429 (please do not call after 7pm)

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    Winston is a 3 year old castrated dog who had a very bad start in his short life, he had been passed around to 5 homes before coming to us.
    He was rehomed to a couple just before lockdown in March 2020, and they have worked with him since that time, they love him dearly, as does he them, but their busy lifestyle really doesn’t suit Winston’s complex issues, which have included nipping his owners, and several other people along the way.
    Winston has been assessed by a behaviourist who feels his actions are defensive and fear based due to previous treatment he has received.  A hand reaching out to stroke him is thought to be a hand reaching out to hit him.  Given time and lots of patience he has learned to feel safe and loved in his current home and is described as an easy loving dog indoors with his owners. However a new home will need to start from scratch to build up a relationship.
    He is currently muzzled outside of the home and accepts this very well.  This should be continued in his new home and indoors if strangers are visiting. Care should also be taken for outside areas to be secure in his new home so an unexpected visitor such as postman isn’t nipped.
    Winston is great on and off the lead, and he has excellent recall. He is generally obedient, but there is always room for improvement.
    In a safe environment he loves chasing a ball and would swim everyday if he could.  He sleeps in a crate which is covered at night, this is his safe space. Winston is fully house trained. He is protective of his home. He doesn’t like loud noises, bangs or sudden movements especially at night
    He is a very affectionate, lovable boy, a bit bouncy and lively.  He loves to be fussed and shows much happiness and love around the people who are at present caring for him.   He loves his walks; he can be enthusiastic and strong at times but he’s been walking on a harness which suits him better than a collar.  He has lived & gets on really well with other dogs.
    We are looking for a VERY experienced, very quiet home, someone with time and lots of patience.  No children, grandchildren or cats. The behaviourist will continue to support a new owner and guidance from him will need to be followed to the letter to give Winston the best chance going forward.
    If you have got to the end of this and have any questions, please contact Jane on 07962 980429  (please do not call after 7pm)