Big Max age 8, was taken into the charity in June 2015 weighing 66.2 kg.
He hadn’t been walked for over 2 years or seen a vet since his first vaccinations and had access to just a small paved area.

He lived with a bitch and each day the owner filled a large bowl with poor quality dog food and the dogs helped themselves.
I think you can tell by the picture who had the most!
Max was in kennels for a month before going into foster with Kate Mattacks who gave him good food and regular exercise. This good work continued in his new home with Jo Rockwood and family.

The ‘before’ pictures were taken in June 2015 when he weighed 66.2 kg and the latest were taken at the dogs party in September 2016 now weighing 35kg where he won our Ann & John Sliney Award for 2016.

Today he is a lovely happy boy who loves life and is enjoying it to the full.