Message from Shelia

As the Trustee responsible for our Dog Welfare fund, I want to thank all the lovely people who sponsor and care for our dogs,  as there are many who need continuing treatment.

 At the moment we have in excess of 70 sponsored dogs suffering from a variety of conditions. Dogs with skin problems are very costly to treat as the medication is expensive.  However money alone is not enough. The dedication of their owners is exceptional as these illnesses require regular bathing as well as drug treatments.

Digestive problems can be equally challenging.  These need extra care, time and patience at mealtimes because Labradors, as everyone knows,  are very greedy and want to gulp their food .

We also care for Labradors suffering from heart defects, diabetes, ear problems and the problems associated with ageing.
So as you can see there remains a lot to do.

Thank you again to all our wonderful sponsors for your continuing support, and to the dedicated owners on whom these lovely dogs depend.

If you know of someone who might like to sponsor a Labrador, please ask them to visit  where they can sign up.

Many Thanks      Sheila