Marvellous Millie


Millie was taken to a veterinary practice by her original owners suffering from severe breathing difficulties and dehydration. They had bought her 11 weeks earlier and she had been unwell from the day they brought her home. Labrador Rescue South East & Central were contacted when Millie’s owners could no longer afford her treatment. By this time her condition had worsened and she was suffering from chronic pneumonia. The vet gave her a 60/40% chance of survival.

Labrador Rescue South East & Central covered the cost of Millie’s treatment and placed her in a loving foster home. The severity of her condition may mean that her lungs are permanently damaged.

Thanks to the support of her foster home and generous donations from our supporters, Millie has gone from strength to strength. We meet the cost of Millie’s ongoing treatment by our welfare fund. Your donations could help Millie and our other special dogs lead a happy, rewarding life.

Please help by donating to our welfare fund today.