Tia adopted us four and a half years ago, she is now somewhere around 10 and deservedly ageing gracefully like the princess she is, following a hard start in life, used for breeding, and then being passed around a bit . When she was put up for adoption by her previous owner it was discovered that she had immature cataract in her left eye and knowing how much it would cost and the unlikelihood of any insurers covering the cost of any treatment the Rescue kindly offered to cover the cost of a cataract operation on her eye should she develop issues in the other that would mean she would need surgery to improve the quality of her sight. Earlier in this year due to Glaucoma, Tia had to have her right eye removed because this was not related to the earlier condition we were lucky that the insurers covered the cost of this operation and earlier visits to our own and specialist vets, so thankfully we didn’t have to draw on the Rescues financial resources. But needless to say all through the angst and worry the LRS&E Team have been so supportive, Tia has other issues with regards to MAST cell tumours and her joints are, according to our Old Vet, a bit of a mess!, but it is heartening to know that there is always someone ready with advice and guidance. Tia is still a supported Dog, the original cataract is still in an immature stable state and she has some sight but it could worsen and it is then that LRS&E would step in to help financially and it is such a relief to know that it would be available to us and my best friend.

It is so wonderful that these dogs, who have so much love to give, are given a second, third, even fourth chance through the LRS&E Supported Dog Scheme where others, due to ongoing costs, might not be so generous.