Wee Mac


Wee Mac is a 10½ year old dog that was signed over to Labrador Rescue South East and Central in December 2010.

This poor old lad suffers from problems with his ears, anal glands and skin infections. He has lots of bald patches on his skin and deformed ears. As if that was not enough to contend with he also has Progressive Retinal Atrophy, an inherited disease of the retina that leads to complete blindness.

Despite all of these problems Wee Mac is still a happy dog. He loves his walks and gets on well with other dogs.

He now lives with Fiona, one of Labrador Rescue South East and Central’s Trustees.

Two years on and Wee Mac has very little sight left. Fiona has made adjustments to her home so that he can move around freely without bumping into things. He still enjoys his walks but Fiona sticks to routes that he is familiar with to avoid accidents. His skin is still bad so he has regular special medicated baths and his ears continue to be a problem. His left ear is so deformed it is like a boxers ‘cauliflower ear’.

Labrador Rescue South East and Central continue to support the cost of Wee Mac’s skin and ear treatments.

Donations to Labrador Rescue South East and Central Welfare Fund will help Wee Mac continue to enjoy his senior years in comfort.