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100K 4 100K

Labrador Rescue South East & Central has been chosen by Claudia Vicars to benefit from a massive fundraising event planned for later in the year.

Claudia’s world record attempt is :
A Continuous Row on an indoor rowing machine for just under 8 hours to reach 100,000 metres and she has set a target of raising £100,000 for charity of which we will receive 50%
Date and venue to be confirmed. Supported by Our Dogs.

Read the full story and to donate.

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Excel London 20-21 November 2021


Crufts has been CANCELLED for 15-18 July 2021 at the NEC Birmingham.


Help us save them from the hands of criminal gangs!

Puppy farms and dog theft are frequently reported and sadly growing at an alarming rate.

We at Labrador Rescue South East and Central are anxious to alert people to the dangers of advertising, rehoming or even selling your dog over the internet.  Professional criminals, previously involved in serious crime such as drug trafficking, have turned their hand to dog trading; and they are at (more…)


Gus by Carol 

I can’t believe it’s nearly 6 years since I travelled to Toddington Services to pick up Gus from Fiona Miller.

I had lost my beloved Cash and my home was too empty without a four- legged friend. Gus was a very sweet boy and very good in the car.


However it soon became evident he was very nervous of noises. He had apparently lived in a very quiet area. After firework night he would not leave the house for nearly 2 days. What an amazing bladder he has! After some coaxing he began to regain his confidence and slowly ventured out. So I started doing some positive training around noises.

We followed the bin men around on a Friday for a few weeks.  (I did tell them what I was doing in case they thought they had a stalker)  (more…)

Welfare Fund For Sponsored Dogs

Every year Labrador Rescue South East & Central find new homes for many needy Labradors which are known as our Sponsored Dogs. Sadly, not all the dogs which come into our care are suitable for rehoming.

We have many dogs in our care which are going to be in foster for the rest of their lives so we can be sure their every need is met and ongoing treatment for their condition is funded. Find out more…