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StreetVet is the brainchild of two vets, Jade Statt and Sam Joseph, who (unbeknownst to each other) started walking the streets of London and offering free veterinary advice to homeless pet owners. Several years later StreetVet is a registered charity offering outreach ‘street clinics’ in seventeen towns and cities across the UK. Each city runs as a fully-accredited veterinary practice providing free advice, treatment and basic essentials to hundreds of pets. But this is no small feat and it very much relies on professional volunteers, industry support and charitable donations.

Many of the StreetVet volunteers also work in veterinary practices and going out on the streets with a stethoscope and backpack provides a very stark contrast to their regular work day. As you can imagine, sessions are challenging. Examining excited or nervous dogs on a busy shopping street with traffic, sirens and general pandemonium is not always easy, but the reassurance they provide and the personal connection the volunteers have with the owners and their pets is priceless. Our volunteers pride themselves on gaining the trust of their regular clients, and in doing so, helping to make their lives a bit easier in some small way.

 The mainstay of StreetVet’s service is to provide preventative healthcare:  vaccinations, worming, flea treatments and microchips. However, contrary to popular belief, the majority of their patients are older and many have been with their owners long before they became homeless. Canine arthritis is a huge issue for the older dogs, and can be challenging to manage when the dogs have to travel everywhere with their owners on foot. During colder months, this is a very difficult condition to manage for those that are ‘street sleepers’. Symptoms can be subtle such as ‘slowing down on walks’, refusing to go up or down steps/jump onto seats, mild lameness and toe dragging. Owners often prioritise their dog  over all else and as a result it is not uncommon for them to miss important appointments to the detriment of the owner’s own personal health and wellbeing.

Thankfully StreetVet are able to help by providing dog buggies and arthritis treatment, such as pain relief, alongside other complementary therapies (acupuncture, massage, laser therapy), all of which hugely improve the dog (and owner’s) quality of life.

 StreetVet is extremely proud of how their volunteers have managed to continue to provide care to their patients throughout the pandemic. But sadly their service is needed now more than ever. On a more optimistic note, StreetVet’s new Accredited Hostel Scheme is being expanded to more areas of the UK, giving hope that some of the pets and their owners will be able to access a safer living environment and this might be the stepping stone towards a happier, more secure  future for them and their pet.

 Our photo features Bruno who has been supported by LRSEC who provided his new mobility Harness.

 This is a truly invaluable service that is preventing many potential cases of loss and heartache in the

  homeless community and hope will protect that very special human-animal bond for many years to come.


Max & Duke
Update from Louise their new owner

The first of February 2022 was a particularly special day for us as we were blessed with these two beautiful boys, Max & Duke.

We had seen them on the website for Labrador Rescue SE&C & fell in love

immediately but we didn’t think we had a chance as they were out of our area but we both just kept looking.

Their eyes just were telling us they had so much love to give & they have done just that since being with us, as I am sure they have done in their previous home.

We then decided we should contact to see if there was any chance we could try & adopt. Everyone we have spoken to have been amazing & helped us give Max & Duke their forever home & we can’t thank them enough.

Our first contact was Jane who was amazing & put everything in place for a home check with Jackie & then our meet up with the boys with Dawn, which was pretty emotional, seeing them & being able to bring them home.

They have from day 1 brought us, & will continue to bring us, so much joy. They are 2 amazing boys, full of love & mischief, obviously!

Please don’t be put off by a dog who has been living in a kennel previously, as they have both adapted well to being in a home environment. We have had no accidents at all, apart from one cocked leg on the first night by our elderly boy Max, which, to be honest, is nothing to even mention in the case of a working dog who has not lived in a house for any of his 11 years!

We can’t thank everyone enough for helping us to have these boys as a part of our family as they are so very special & loved so very much. Thank you!

“They have brought us so much joy”

Welfare Fund For Sponsored Dogs

Every year Labrador Rescue South East & Central find new homes for many needy Labradors which are known as our Sponsored Dogs. Sadly, not all the dogs which come into our care are suitable for rehoming.

We have many dogs in our care which are going to be in foster for the rest of their lives so we can be sure their every need is met and ongoing treatment for their condition is funded. Find out more…