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Excel London 20-21 November 2021


Crufts has been CANCELLED for 15-18 July 2021 at the NEC Birmingham.


Help us save them from the hands of criminal gangs!

Puppy farms and dog theft are frequently reported and sadly growing at an alarming rate.

We at Labrador Rescue South East and Central are anxious to alert people to the dangers of advertising, rehoming or even selling your dog over the internet.  Professional criminals, previously involved in serious crime such as drug trafficking, have turned their hand to dog trading; and they are at (more…)


Barney by Jacky Garvey & Barbara Wilkinson

 We were asked in February of this year if we could help find a home for this lovely boy, due to a member of the family being allergic to him.

He is only 4 years old and already has 2 new hips and operations on

Barney Right with his best      friend Ziggy

both elbows. This meant that for nearly all his life his exercise has been limited and he wasn’t able charge around and play boisterously like a normal young Labrador.
As a result he suffered with a lack of socialisation.

We put him onto the website in
search for the perfect home.
We had many enquiries.
One of the conditions was someone with a strong arm, as Barney
is a big strong dog! A lovely lady called Janet enquired about him, I must admit I did initially have concerns if she would be strong enough to walk him.  Luckily Janet is a good friend of one of our helpers, they met through Labradors! I was assured that Janet would be the perfect home and would do whatever is necessary.
Then lockdown happened in March, and we were unable to progress his rehoming. Janet was so keen and frequently phoned to see if there was any news on when she would be able to welcome this lovely boy into her home.


Welfare Fund For Sponsor Dogs

Every year Labrador Rescue South East & Central find new homes for many needy Labradors which are known as our Sponsored Dogs. Sadly, not all the dogs which come into our care are suitable for rehoming.

We have many dogs in our care which are going to be in foster for the rest of their lives so we can be sure their every need is met and ongoing treatment for their condition is funded. Find out more…