Contact the Co-ordinator for your area, they will sympathetically talk you through the process to ensure the protection and re-homing of your Labrador.

Read through all the information on the Website and ask yourself whether you are prepared to give a home to a dog. Remember that most Labradors live around 12 – 15 years. They need a lot of attention, especially in the early years.

There are two ways that you can contact us or register your interest in adopting a Labrador:

Once we have received your application, your local Area co-ordinator will be in touch when we have a dog that would be suitable for your family.

Yes think about what dog your want. Do you want a male or a female? Do you want a Black, Chocolate or Yellow dog? Do you want a young dog or an older one? Are you experienced with dogs, could you handle a boisterous one? A lot of dogs need a special care and training; what can I do?

When we have a dog for your family a local helper will be in contact to arrange a home visit. The helper will come and assess your home and see whether you are suitable to adopt a dog. At Labrador Rescue, the welfare of the dog is of prime concern and we need to be convinced that the home is appropriate.

It depends on whether there is someone home who can look after the dog. A re-homed dog needs a lot of love and attention so we would not place a dog in home where it would be left all day. Our guidelines are that a dog should not be left for more than 3-4 hours during the day.

Unfortunately we cannot give exact forecasts on the availability of dogs. We do not have dogs in rescue centres but try to re-home a dog from the old home to the new one; this reduces the amount of stress on the animal. However, in general, the less specific you are on your particular wants (i.e. any dog, male of female, up to the age of 4) the quicker a dog will come along.

If you change your mind, or get a dog from another source, please let us know immediately so that we can take your details off our database.

We will talk to you and give you as much information as possible, maybe even provide photos.

This should not happen because dogs are re-homed at least 20 miles away from its previous owners.

Sometimes the dogs reveal traits that we were not aware of, and in this case, we would take the dog away and re-home it with another family, if you cannot cope.

We do recommend dog-training classes; people with dog problems rarely train their animals. However, that said your helper is always available for advice. Once a dog is placed with you, your helper will contact you to check all is well. Then a couple of weeks later a follow up visit will take place to ensure the dog is settling in well.

The amount of exercise varies according to age. But as a bench-mark you should take your dog for 2 good walks a day and also allow it to go into the garden for natural relief.

Yet again there is no definitive answer. Your dog will come with a resume and hopefully some food to help the settling in period. However it is recommended that you feed a diet with as few additives and colourings as possible, and we are always happy to help with suggestions. Labradors have a tendency to be overweight so weight control is important. Two small meals, one in the morning and one in the evening should suit most Labradors.

Adoption Fee
Puppy up to 6 months – £600
6 months – 2 years – £500
2-4 years – £400
4-8 years £300
8-10 years £200
Over 10 discretionary confirmed by the Area Co-ordinator


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