Welfare Fund For Sponsored Dogs

Welfare Fund For Sponsored Dogs

Every year Labrador Rescue South East & Central find loving new homes for many needy Labradors which are known as our Sponsored Dogs. Sadly, not all the dogs which come into our care are suitable for re-homing, it may be they have had such a traumatic start to life that they will never adapt to living in a normal home situation. It could also be that they have a serious medical condition which will require long term, expensive treatment. Sadly, in many cases dogs with such problems are considered ‘lost causes’ by many establishments and may face an uncertain and bleak future. We have many dogs in our care which are going to be in foster for the rest of their lives so we can be sure their every need is met and ongoing treatment for their medical conditions is funded.

We now have in excess of 50 dogs that we have agreed to support for their lifetime. This support may be the cost of regular medication for conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, and skin problems, or the ongoing support needed for dogs with skeletal and joint issues . Currently the annual cost for these special dogs is in excess of £40,000.

Veterinary costs over the years have rocketed putting a tremendous strain on our funds. We are committed to providing the best possible lives for the dogs in our care and the most appropriate medical treatment for them regardless of the cost. It is for this reason we have a Welfare Fund. This gives you the opportunity to support the dogs in our long term care. For either a fixed donation, or a monthly amount you can help support these unfortunate yet very special dogs and ensure they have the life they deserve.

Next time you look lovingly at your own dog, spare a thought for those less fortunate. For the cost of a couple of dog treats a week you could be helping to provide ongoing medical treatment and care for our supported dogs!

If you are interested in helping our supported dogs (and we hope you are) please donate via our Donate button or click here to download the leaflet.

Thank you.

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