2169 Looking for a home in Beds, Bucks, Herts, Berks N of M4 N’hants, Cambs and Oxon 

- Re-Homed

Looking for an experienced and active home


Colour :
Yellow with mismarkings
Age :
2 years old
Good with children? :
Yes teenagers and older 
Sex :
Male (castrated)
Good with cats? :
Reference :
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    This handsome chap is two years old. He is a ’mismarked’ Labrador which gives him the unusual dark patches. He is however a full pedigree lab and they do make him quite unique!

    He is a very much loved family member, but the family have made the heart-breaking decision to rehome him as family circumstances mean it has become more difficult to devote as much time to him as they feel he deserves.

    This chap approaches life at full speed and just loves everyone and everything! He has lived with children in his current home. He is clumsy clown so if there are children in his new home they would need to be teenage plus as he would knock little ones over. He gets on well with other dogs but may be a bit OTT for older ones. He is as any young lab a cheeky boy who will steal food if left within reach, and will have a nibble on blankets, cushions etc if left lying! He sleeps quietly in his crate at night and does not go upstairs in his current home.
    We are looking for an experienced home used to living with a lively young dog. Someone would need to up for lots of nice walks to burn off some of his exuberance, and committed to lead training etc as he does pull. All in all he is a lovely boy and a super pet for someone who can match his energy for country walks and lots of fun as he is no couch potato!
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