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- Re-Homed

3 Year old looking for a special home to help him develop


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3 years
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Not suitable for a home with children 
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Steve & Margaret Waller 01271 269 079 or 07887 682 054

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    Ref: 2204

    Unusually we are writing an extensive description for this dog and the circumstances for his rehoming.  This is because we are determined to see the dog in a proper permanent home and not kennels long term.

    This dog has had a troubled behaviour pattern before he came into our care for rehoming.  He showed signs of aggression (growling) which his first home could not cope with or change despite a behaviourist’s advice and drug therapy.

    We believe we detected some reasons for his poor behaviour in the way he was managed in his early life and believed there could be a bright future for him in the right environment.

    When we took him from his home he was temporally placed in kennels where his behaviour was fine and he got on well with the kennel staff.  When a vacancy arose we asked a behaviourist who we work with to foster him with his own dogs for evaluation and to put in place any strategies he might recommend.  After a month the dog was deemed ready to be rehomed to a permanent home.  During this time his behaviour was good and he did not show any aggressive signs and he got on well with other dogs..

    He was rehomed but his bad behaviour recurred.  He is now back in kennels.

    This is not where he should be.  This cannot be a final solution for him.

    We are prepared to offer him to another home but, as you would expect, we need to be certain that this home will:

    • Understand the behaviour plan and for everyone in the household to be able to stick to it in a calm, consistent manner
    • Be prepared to ‘stick with it’. There may be set backs
    • Accept advice from LRSEC
    • Avoid putting the dog in a position that challenges him. Walk away and offer a high value treat to distract him. Reward good behaviour.
    • Let the dog take time to become confident in you and its surroundings. This could be more than a few weeks.

    The new home we are looking for will be

    • Special
    • Children and cat free
    • Experienced Labrador or large breed owners
    • Be in a position to devote time to him
    • Be perceptive when looking at the dog’s demeanour and behaviour
    • Be determined to get the very best from this dog and make a success of rehoming him.
    • See the good in him to enable him to regain his trust in people and enable him to settle.

    He could be rehomed anywhere in the LRSEC area.  Although he came from the Kent area, he is currently kennelled in Lincolnshire.

    To find out more about this dog please contact:

    Steve Waller 01271 269 079 or 07887 682 054

    Area Coordinator Kent SE London