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Get Together & Fun Dog Show June 22nd 2019

Gillian Amos is organising




Ozzy came to join our family in October 2014, at 20 months old, four months after we had to say goodbye to our elderly black lab, Mojo. He was a gorgeous, bouncy chocolate boy who had had a THR at 11 months old. For the first four weeks he was as good as gold, and I thought ‘Could this be the world’s most well behaved lab?’, but he soon learned to show his mischievous and chewy side! We noticed that he would often become lame on his back leg where he had the implant, and so began various visits to the local vets, where he had a course of Cartrophen injections initially, followed by regular Metacam, and some physiotherapy. He wasn’t improving, so in October 2016 (more…)



Chairman’s Christmas letter

I know how relieved you must be to discover that the brown envelope that has just appeared on your doormat does not contain a bill, or of course for those of you on our email list it must be a change to see the Link in a paper copy. We are besieged by information from all directions and subsequently I suspect that like me you become rather selective, I gather the mail from the letterbox on the gate and sort the mail directly into the paper recycling bin below, I should probably take the recycling bin in from one week to another but then where would passers-by put their sweet wrappers and coffee cups? What happens to the clear windows in the envelopes and the plastic wrappers, every piece of junk mail I receive comes in a plastic wrapper? The stamps at least can be saved and as a few become several and several become many they start to accrue value to the charity, so do please continue to save them.

I am much more aware of the need for recycling, our planet will be here long after we are gone and so we have a responsibility to those yet to come, we waste resources at the expense of our children’s children and of course our own purses so please consider your rubbish and your spending this Christmas. A gift can mean so many different things; what would your Labradors (more…)

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