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Chairmans Update

The link deadline has arrived and I am over-run as usual, I’m not complaining I prefer to be busy but I am getting to an age when I prefer to be busy doing things I want to do rather than necessarily all the things that need doing. Number one on my list and number two on Peggy and Meme’s is time in the woods, I am sure I have no need to tell you what is number one is on their list. The woods are always beautiful there is a wonderful slow progression from season to season, the bluebells were magnificent and gave way to horse chestnut blossom and then came the willow fluff filling the air as though some giants have been having a pillow fight. I do my best to identify the wild flowers and the butterflies but I want the time and the brain power to be a better naturalist, I shall add this to my list.
The charity has seen much progression as well, the new website under the watchful eye of Joy Carney is generating Google analytics data about page views and visitors, doesn’t mean a great deal to me but Joy says it is all very positive. Paul Slade has kindly been looking at our email and with an expert eye has already saved the charity several hundred pounds that can now be spent on Labradors rather than administration.
The recent trustees meeting generated a plethora of ideas and we have moved swiftly to agree a number of suggestions from the co-ordinators; the charity is now in a position to reimburse the cost of neutering for all rescues which brings us more in line with the larger dog charities like Dogstrust. We have also agreed that where there is any concern for the welfare of a dog advertised for sale on an online site such as Gumtree or Preloved the co-ordinators can use their discretion to obtain and rehome these dogs thus ensuring they go to good, loving, forever homes which has always been our strength.
The co-ordinators also now have the opportunity to put forward cases where financial assistance may enable a loved dog to remain in a good home or where assistance for example with kennelling costs during hospital stays or where assistance with behavioural training may prevent a dog from the necessity of being rehomed.
The charity is fortunate due to your support to be in a strong position, like the Oaks in the woods we are mature and deeply rooted and although the trustees are aware we need a contingency for high winds we are feeling very positive about the future.
Finally as many of you will be aware I consider the charity to be a family and I know the whole of LRSE&C will reach out to Sheila Stevens and Sussie Wiles. Sheila, whose husband Les has recently passed away, maintains a close eye on the charity from her home in Tenerife and provides the chairman with much sage advice for which I am continually grateful. Sussie’s husband Richard has also recently passed away, he was an inspiration to me when as chairman of the Yellow Labrador Club he maintained order at committee meetings with a firm but jovial manner and kept carefully to time, something I aspire to do at LRSE&C trustee meetings. I am sure you will join me in sending our very best wishes, thoughts and love to Sheila and to Sussie and their families.

Richard Best

Used Stamps
I have just mailed off a cheque for £15 to John Nutkins, yes I know what you are thinking,”£15 doesn’t seem like very much, won’t even pay for the first incision of a bitch spey” BUT actually I was rather pleased and I just wanted to thank all the people who collect used stamps on behalf of the charity. They would go in the recycling or worse still into the bin if you didn’t carefully tear them off and they have no value individually BUT collectively it starts to add up and when I have a carrier bag full sitting under my desk I take them and enter into a negotiation as to their value always with “remember it is for charity” mentioned as the cheque book comes out. So do please continue collecting used stamps and tuck them under your desk or in an old envelope somewhere and if I may suggest don’t send them to me but devise a cunning plan to get them to me. The trustees meet at least twice a year so if you know a trustee then pass them on, or do you know a helper or co-ordinator, find a Facebook friend or maybe have a tame pigeon, this is partly as I enjoy hearing that someone gave these to someone who gave them to me to give to you stories and also because seldom does a packet of stamps generate more income than the postage it costs to send them. I expect many of you will know someone who heads to Crufts or who is involved in showing, I work in the vet’s office at Crufts each year and I am often to be found at Yellow Labrador Club shows AND please tuck a note in with your stamps with your name on it so when they do arrive I can make sure I thank you.