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Don’t forget to buy your 2018 calendar now on sale in the shop also available are lovely Labrador Christmas cards.

Thanks to Lisa Pearce for organising yet another wonderful calendar competition featuring just some of our amazing rescued Labradors!


Chairman’s message
The deadline is approaching for the Winter edition of The Link and as usual I am walking the dogs in the woods, kicking up the leaves and wondering what to write. The dogs are always happy to go for a walk, they don’t mind that I have deadlines, they don’t care that I use their walks to ruminate, the more I have to think about the longer the walk and they are happy. We have two regular routes and they wait, mostly, to see if they should turn right and steeply descend the hill to the bridge over the stream or carry straight on and skirt down the side of the pasture often full of sheep. I potter along, sometimes on my phone; texting, talking, writing lists or reading emails but often just thinking and then I realise I am alone because I went straight on and they turned right.
The charity year is marked by notable events; the two trustees’ meetings, the calendar competition, the 100 club draws, the Link deadlines and for so many years the Dogs party, I really don’t want to be the chairman remembered for being in office when the Dogs party came to an end. As you know I consider the charity to be a family and what family doesn’t enjoy a get-together, that is what family is all about, sitting around drinking tea, eating cake, watching the children play and without realising it quietly supporting one another by being together. The Dogs party must return and key features must be drinking tea and eating cake and watching the dogs play.
You probably don’t need reminding but Christmas is almost upon us, you really shouldn’t be shocked, it is at the same time every year, it is such a busy time though, planning, preparing, celebrating. As you might expect I love it all and I am looking forward to the Scout group’s Christmas show, the Cubs’ Christmas party, the Village Association Christmas party for children of all ages, the carol concert, the service of Nine lessons and carols and the village school Christmas play and of course Christmas cards, the Scout group deliver Christmas cards in the village and the local church uses the last pew in December for you to leave cards to be collected after services. The charity has some lovely cards for you to send, there is something about going to the effort of selecting a card, hand writing a message and dropping it into the letterbox. It says “I care about you” and I will go to some trouble to show that I care about you. Please support the charity by purchasing the cards and show your friends and family how much you care about them this Christmas.
Stamp update- many thanks to Janet in Norfolk and Sheila in Tenerife for used stamps which have reached me and to David and Jenny who very kindly donated albums and first day covers.
I hope you and your families (human and canine) enjoy a wonderful Christmas and on behalf of the charity may I wish you a happy and healthy New Year.
Richard Best