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Richard Best
Following much deliberation and lengthy discussion about bits and bytes I am delighted to welcome you to the new LRSE&C website and would encourage you to have a look around. Much is the same but we are brighter and bolder and now available to be accessed by smart phones which I was informed was vital in our modern times. I did question whether a smart phone would instinctively know when it was time for dinner or become ludicrously over-exited when I reach for the leads in the cupboard. I rather suspect if the manufacturers could get the phone to seem so joyously happy to see me whenever I have been away even if just for a few minutes then sales would soar but I do understand that there are things a Smart phone can do that a Labrador can’t and to be fair I shall never have to clean up after my smart phone.
Despite the technology, LRSE&C is a “people and pets” charity with a large group of friendly volunteers always trying their hardest to help in whatever way we can to unite dogs in need with loving forever homes. We can always use extra help and you will provide a perfect Christmas present this December if you have time to call one of our co-ordinators and say” I could possibly help”, volunteering can be extremely rewarding and I understand good for our health and mental well-being and whether you can offer one lift for a dog to the vets in a year or have ambitions to be the next chairman then do please let us know, if you have any time to give to our wonderful breed then you will be welcome.
The website has taken a great deal of collective effort and I hope very much you will ‘interact with it’, of course I have no idea what that means but it seemed to be a key point that kept coming up in the discussions. 🙂
Richard Best