Dodge has now made it to double digits and turned 10 in April of this year!

He has not had an easy ride of it in the last five years. He has had his hip replacement operation which dislocated twice and thankfully on the third attempt proved to be successful! Unfortunately, he has osteoarthritis in his elbows but we manage it with various medication which seems to work well for him!

He still gets out for walks a few times a week but he doesn’t go very far. He loves nothing more than to sniff every lamppost, wall and bit of grass on the way so it takes us a good while to go down the road and back.

He loves nothing more than laying in the garden and sunning himself and you’ll never forget a mealtime with Dodge around as he sits by his bowl and stares at me until I give in. Cheese is still his favourite snack.

He also loves lying on the rug in our children’s playroom and my six year old son adores him. We often find him sitting and hugging Dodge.

We took on another black lab called Scout when my Mum died a few years ago and he and Dodge are best of friends.

He’s the sweetest kindest dog and we all adore him, even if he snores so loud we can’t hear the TV ☺️