Banjo came into our rescue back in September 2020 .
Sadly he had a knee injury which had been left untreated for a lot of years. He was very lame because of the injury and structurally his body was not in good shape because he had been compensating for the injury for so long.

First he had to have a castration operation and x-rays for his injured knee. He was given excellent care in my local kennels and he just loved all the fuss he got on a regular basis. To give him some company, I had him here with me and my dog Charlie as much as I could.

He then went for his knee operation and back to recover in the kennels. because he’s such a lively, bouncy, fun boy we decided it would be the best place for him to recover, which it was. They did a super job with his after op care, second to none. I am very lucky to have excellent kennels near by. Anyway he had his recovery time and I was able to re-home him to a super new home where they were happy to work with his intense rehabilitation.

Banjo has been having hydrotherapy weekly since November last year. He also has McTimoney structural muscular skeletal treatment which is ongoing and is needed to re-align his body after it being out of line for so many years.

Banjo is doing really well. I see him quite often and he is one very lucky boy to be in his new loving home where he is very

happy. He’s a very brave lovely boy who’s been through a lot with his operation but is really enjoying his life. His happy, loving, funny character gives so much love to his new Mummy and Daddy as well as Tommy his doggy brother. Banjo is one very lucky boy who so Deserves to be in his Happy Forever home

 by Jane Hunt Coordinator