Sheila Stevens

It is with very great sadness that we must bring you the news that our
Trustee and founder member of the charity, Sheila Stevens passed away on the 18th April 2024.
For all who knew her and were in contact with her, this is undoubtedly a shock as she had been an active member of the charity right up until the end.
When the charity was set up in 1996, Sheila co-ordinated a huge area with help from many who knew her and shared her passion.
Sheila was passionate about the welfare of labradors and actively helped set up the guidelines and working practice of the charity which we work to today.  She was loyal, honest, extremely kind and if you were privileged, as I was, to call her your friend: the very best friend you could have.   She will be so missed by the many who used to call and seek her advice, have a friendly chat, or just talk labradors
The Charity has been so fortunate to have benefitted from her wealth of knowledge, common sense and commitment over the years, and we will all feel her loss greatly.
Our condolences go to her family Mark, Wendy, Thomas and Sarah at this very sad time

Help us save them from the hands of criminal gangs!

Puppy farms and dog theft are frequently reported and sadly continue to grow at an alarming rate.

We at¬†Labrador Rescue South East and Central are anxious to alert people to the dangers of advertising, rehoming or even selling your dog over the internet.¬† Professional criminals, previously involved in serious crime such as drug trafficking, have turned their hand to dog trading; and they are at Continue reading “Help us save them from the hands of criminal gangs!”