Fenton 1714


We were asked to rehome Fenton as he was quite a handful for his young family, due to work commitments he wasn’t getting the exercise or training a young Labrador needs. On receipt of the vet records it was noted that Fenton has short legs for a lab, after looking at pictures it appeared his front legs were slightly pointing out. The records and pictures were shown to our Chairman, who is also a vet, and he suspected Fenton has a form of dwarfism, which apparently isn’t that rare!
It has been agreed that should Fenton suffer from any conditions relating to this LRSE&C will offer assistance. It is absolutely imperative that any dog suffering with this condition must have strict weight control. Fenton was a little chubby, so his new home have joined him to doggie Weight Watchers! Cant wait to hear how he gets on.