Princess – 1267


Princess came to me in February 2015. She came straight from her previous home, where they also had a male Labrador called Prince, by whom Princess had puppies, I don’t know how many but I am sure they must have been gorgeous.

Princess had a skin allergy and chewed away large areas of her fur, leaving bare patches of skin around her hind legs. Labrador Rescue South East & Central are very kindly paying for sporimune, which is keeping the problem under control. Initially she needed a dose every night, but one night in three is now sufficient.

Princess has a lovely nature, she is very affectionate, loves having her tummy tickled rand enjoys chasing a ball. One day, whilst walking her in the village cricket field, she went up to the groundsman, who was working there, and dropped a baby squirrel at his feet. After a few seconds the squirrel jumped up and ran off, quite unharmed.

Like all Labradors, she enjoys her food and I have not yet found anything she doesn’t like!

When the bowls club to which I belong has a one-day tournament, Princess comes with me and is very popular with the other members. There is a large park next to the bowls club where I take her for long walks in between matches. This photo was taken at a recent tournament.